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Majestic Purple Plants For Your Garden

Purple.  It’s the color of royalty, one of the three colors of Mardi Gras, and one of the must have colors in any garden space.  It can heat up a cool toned garden or cool off a hot toned garden.  It works well as a wall color, but for me it shows its best face is when its attached to a plant.  Here’s a list of 15 purple flowers and plants that you can add to your garden for some truly amazing results.  Programming note: for this series, I am trying to feature new and upcomming hybrids and little used plants that people aren’t as familiar with as well as some of my personal favorite plants in the color theme. Continue reading

QOTD: What’s Your Favorite Fake Holiday?

The Spirit of 4/20, a hilarious new Funny or Die video, gives the stoner day of celebration the Scrooge treatment, imagining a world where Birkenstocks are hung by the chimney with care. While I can’t say I’ve ever celebrated this particular faux-holiday, it got me thinking. We know Crasstalkers do real holidays right, but what non-traditional milestones have you busted out the cake and streamers for? (Or the booze and uncomfortable clothing.) Continue reading

Bounty in your Backyard: A Brief Guide to Edible Weeds

Harvesting wild sorrel

When most people look at the rangy, tenacious invaders in their lawns, gardens, and cracks in the pavement, they see a problem to be handled by digging, pulling, cursing, and spraying with herbicides.  Weeds seem to follow us and insinuate themselves into every bit of disturbed soil and manicured garden imaginable.  They are the bane of the perfectionist’s outdoor experience.  But what if these invaders are, in fact, a vast, untapped nutritional resource?
Continue reading