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QOTD: Got Any Great Hiking Trails and Tales to Share with Us?

Yes, that is indeed RuPaul you see there. Now 51, he hikes all over Los Angeles (he seems to favour Franklin Canyon), where he now lives.  He also cycles, swims, dances, roller-skates, beach-walks, threadmills and does yoga. At 40 he quit smoking, part of his realisation that if he wanted to be around for the long haul, he’d better start working on keeping fit.

At our house, hikes go by the more reasonable name of taking a walk. It’s really hilly here and I (whiny voice) hate hills.

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Eustace Conway and Crisitunity

Eustace Conway is one of my heroes. The word crisitunity comes from a Simpsons episode wherein Homer, after hearing from Lisa that the Chinese use one word for both “crisis” and “opportunity”, says “Crisitunity!” Crisitunity is the act of using a problem to make a solution.

Eustace Conway practices crisitunity. In his colorful life, he has met and mastered many challenges, challenges that others looked on as impossible. To Eustace, nothing is impossible, and anyone can do anything they set their mind to.  He is an avid student of life and is fully alive in the world. He first left home with nothing for the woods at age twelve, and at age seventeen he moved, with little more than nothing, into a tipi in the Blue Ridge mountains. Continue reading