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Our Second Crasstalk Writers Workshop

Hi gang. Thanks for dropping in. Please start by reading this. Yes, I know most of you have read it, but just take one more look to humor me. The purpose of tonight’s workshop is for us to brainstorm and share ideas for post topics. Please post any ideas you’ve had or things you would like feedback on. To make this work it is essential that we give one and other feedback so please reply to each other. Here are a few suggestions from Dogs of War, the wisest man on Crasstalk:

  • Featured artists
  • Original short stories
  • How-to
  • Adventurous travel
  • Luxury – how the other half lives
  • Affordable luxury – How to have some of the better things in life without paying a lot
  • Technology how-to
  • TV show recaps

Hopefully, that can get us started, and I know many of you already have ideas you are knocking around. Let’s get to work.

Oh, and here’s a few more tips:

  • When you’re done set the status to Pending Review.
  • If you see me editing your post then don’t make any changes while I’m editing because it will wipe out all of my changes when you do that (there is a warning at the top if someone else is editing a post).
  • Your post needs to have an “image thumbnail” that is hosted on Crasstalk.
  • Don’t use HTML tags in the “Visual” editor.
  • Preview your post to see how it looks. Make changes and preview again.
  • Spell check. Firefox has a built in spell checker.