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Photo Phriday: What Have You Built?

BTHOB Ags Build the Hell. A-Whoop

Are you crafty? Are you inventive? Are you a builder or a craftsman? Have you ever devoted your life to a project or task that you will always be proud of? For this week’s Photo Phriday show off what you’ve built from the ground up.

That is Student Bonfire from 2008. Student Bonfire is a 501(c)3 corporation that I helped created. It is based off of the Aggie Bonfire that fell in 1999, and it helped me create who I am. I was quoted in an AP article featured in major newspapers around the country (including the New York Times) because of this college project of mine. There are over 1300 people who sacrifice their fall weekends in college to get together and Build The Hell Out of Bonfire. Continue reading