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I'm currently seeking part-time employment as a Pig-Latin to English translator to offset my glamourous full-time job as a mom to three boys. Azycray!

QOTD: Which Celebrities Are The Most Special Snowflakes

Fact: Some famous people act like fucktards. Let’s channel our regular bitching and turn it into malicious dishing! Why wait until someone’s name happens to come up in a conversation? You’ve seen or heard of a celebrity doing something that would help your fellow Crasstalkers wile away the hours until the “acceptable” drinking time is upon us. Spill it. No person is too insignificant to mention wherever they may fall on the ubiquitous “ABCD” list. And isn’t that what image search is for? You people have a gift for sniffing out the most absurd pictures and videos in existence.  Do what you do best and let’s all join hands in prurient harmony! Continue reading

Confessions of a Paula Deen® Peon

These are the steamiest, juiciest, most illicit tales about a Food Network celebrity that you’ll find on the internet. Unless you count these… (it’s soooo Giada, right?)* However, I’m going to try to avoid getting too specific so I can’t answer things like “What was your job title?, “When exactly were you employed?”, “Where you ever filmed for the show?”, “How many Deen brothers did you have sex with?”, and “What does Paula really think about the butter scene in Last Tango in Paris?” Okkkay, I’ll answer the last three… Continue reading