Give Some Love Open Thread

A note form Momof3:

Crasstalk friends. Many people have indicated that they want to find a way to help Maxi and his family during his wife’s illness. I spoke with Maxi to see if there was something we could do. Assisting Maxi with providing meals for his family will be helpful during this time.

His wife attended a cooking school called Kitchen on Fire. This cooking school is now producing meals during the pandemic shut down. The school doesn’t have a website equipped for individual food purchases/gift certificates. After speaking to the owner, she suggested we collect money and then she will accept it via PayPal in one lump sum for Maxi and his family to use.

I’ve created a Paypal Money Pool. Donations will be accepted for the next week. If you have any questions, reach out to me at suckerforvolunteering at the gee males.

Let’s help make this stressful time a little easier for our internet pal.

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