Remembering Duotone

A joint effort between Atty and A Piece of the Continent

On July 3rd, 2018 Duo_tone (Mary) passed away.  Mary was a vibrant, caring, and intelligent soul who was a valued member of our community. She was a regular at Crass meet-ups both in NYC, where she lived, and the San Francisco area where she was raised. She loved people and took a genuine interest in everyone she met. Many Crassers have stories of Mary going above and beyond to reach out and help when she was able.

It seems most fitting to remember her in the way we knew her best – through the words she shared with us on Crass.

She generously shared anecdotes from her career in journalism forged at a time when women were still fighting for a place in the workforce.

Mary was a through and through New Yorker who loved her city.

She was quirky in the best of ways.

She shared well-informed advice and opinions on everything from fashion to cheese to how to ingratiate yourself with the Hells Angels.

She felt strongly about the issues facing our world today and stood up to do something about it. Over the last year of her life she was passionately working on a Climate Change project after seeing her friends and family members impacted by its devastating effects. She was also a staunch advocate for Women’s Rights, an issue that hit close to home for her.


Her light in this world will truly be missed within our community and beyond.


Please share your memories, appreciations and condolences in the comments.

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