Six More Catchy Chanukah Songs

Chanukah Songs Light Up the NightTwo years ago, we lit up the Festival of Lights with schmaltz-free Chanukah jams. This year, DJ Crasstalk is back, spinning on the alephs and bets. So put down that latke and update your holiday playlist with six more catchy Chanukah songs.

1. “Happy Hanukkah” by Matisyahu

Matisyahu brings reggae-style to the holiday once again with “Happy Hanukkah.” Probably one of the most chilled-out Chanukah songs you’ll hear this year. Lean back and light a candle or eight.

2. “Chanukah Honey” by Rachel Bloom, Jack Dolgen, and Dan Gregor (NSFW)

In this Chanukah parody video set to the tune of “Santa Baby,” Rachel Bloom entreats the mensch of her dreams to “come and flip my latkes tonight.” A how-to guide for Nice Jewish Girls pining to pick up a Nice Jewish Boy, keep an ear out for these saucy lines at this year’s Chanukah party. In case you’re blasting this in your cubicle (and I know that you are), the last line is NSFW.

3. “Burn” by The Maccabeats

The music video for the Maccabeats’ latest song gives the Glee treatment to the Chanukah story. A gang of douchebag, high school frat bros (the Greeks) bully the Jewish kid, who at first tries to hide being different. Spoiler alert: the Jewish kid stops hiding his yarmulke under a beanie. I think we can all agree he chose the better look in the end. The video is also tied into their Miracle Match campaign, whose goal is to raise $80,000 towards helping patients find blood and bone marrow matches.

4. “Eight Nights – Hanukkah Mashup” by StandFour

You may recognize these guys from the Maccabeats. You gotta appreciate lines like: Cause when you’re flipping latkes you can’t go wrong / Making random Jewish references in a Chanukah song.


5.Left to Right” by Michelle Citrin

“Left to Right” was used as the backdrop for the Pass the Candle project, urging people from all over to video themselves lighting the menorah. Keep an eye out at 1:54 for a cameo by Marc Weiner from Nickolodeon’s Weinerville. (Remember the Weinerville Chanukah Special?) And if I’m not mistaken, I believe that’s a cameo from Nibbles the Hamster at 2:02. I didn’t even know Nibbles was Jewish!

6. “I Believe in Miracles” by Julie Geller

“I Believe in Miracles” has a folksy, uplifting beat. A song about appreciating what you have even when the world’s got you feeling down, it might have the most religious overtone of the set. In the video, people hold up signs with their personal miracles – children, overcoming illness, hearing rain for the first time after cochlear implants – and seeing such happiness on their faces is sure to increase your own.

Thanksgivukkah Bonus: “All I Want for Thanksgivukkah is Jews” by VodkaAndLatkes

A Thanksgivukkah song set to the best Mariah Carey Christmas tune ever? Finally, you can bop along to that infectious beat without the guilt! VokdaAndLatkes look like they had a blast filming this, and you really can’t beat that name.

Happy Chanukah! Share your favorite songs in the comments.

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