QOTD: What Is Your Favorite Museum?

rally_automibleWe at Crasstalk are a sophisticated and erudite bunch. We drink tea with our pinkies raised and say “Pardon me” after we pass gas.

Wherever we go, we always make sure to stop by the local museum. Whether it’s the Louvre in Paris or the SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota, we love them all.

My favorite is the National Automobile Museum in Mulhouse, France. The Schlumpf brothers were industrialists. They spent all of their fortune hoarding and hiding cars. In 1962 alone, the brothers bought 50 classic Bugattis. When they went bankrupt and fled to Switzerland, their angry workers stormed one of their warehouses and found thousands and thousands of cars. The French government turned the collection into an automotive museum.

Besides the sheer depth and breadth of the collection, the museum has some cool features. In the cafeteria, TVs air continuous loops of car crashes. An interactive exhibit allows you to sit in a Peugeot hatchback and a hydraulic fork tumbles you like socks in a dryer, to simulate a car rollover. For car nuts, it’s heaven.

What is your favorite museum? If you don’t have a favorite museum, was there a particular museum exhibit that you fancied? Share with us!

Image source: Maxichamp

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