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Photo Phriday: Your Fashion Disaster(s)

Y’all may be perfectly coiffed and dressed now, but back in the (perhaps not so distant) day, there was a bad haircut, a questionable outfit or just plain horrendous shoes. Show us.

How to Post Pictures:

1) First, upload it to the web. You can use either imgur or tinypic. Follow the directions for uploading.
2) After the upload, you’ll see various links for your pic. Copy the direct link; you want the one that ends in .jpg
3) After uploading, come back here. Type this exact code (including the brackets and quotation marks) into the “Post A New Comment” box: <img src=“ ” /> and paste your direct link in between the quote marks. There should be a space between img and src (img src), but otherwise, no spaces between anything.
4) It should look like this: <img src=”http//www.yourphotodirectlink.jpg” /> Make sure to include those brackets.
5) If you’re using a photo already on the web: Right click (or ctrl-click on a Mac) on an image and select “View Image” or “Copy Image URL/Location.” Copy-and-paste the URL and use the <img src=“ ” /> code above.

Photo via the author.

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