Retroactive COW

After many pleas for new comments a few people suggested that I do a COW post with old comments that had been submitted, but were never featured due to my laziness. I will admit, I did get some good comments. Some were made in reference to current news events that might not be so current any more, but the joke’s are still funny. Without further ado, here are some of my favorite comments that I received as COW nominations.

On not being able to get a joke:

wincredible cow

On Offkie’s offspring:

offkey cow

On office activities:

Treeless COW

On what we would call a female pope:

Blix Pope

I got mostly funny nominations, and I would have used them all (well, the ones I got AND found funny anyway), but some of them had not so great resolution. When making submissions, please save the screen grab as big as possible because then I can make it smaller. Trying to make a screen grab bigger makes it pixelated and tough to read.

That said, I really do appreciate all the nominations. Please keep them coming.

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Image: Flickr

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