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The Dead Files is the Bestworst Paranormal Reality Show You Aren’t Watching

Screen-shot-2013-05-08-at-9Do you watch spooky reality shows? Ghost stories? Ghost hunting? Paranormal investigations? Paranormal reenactments? In the ever growing genre of reality shows about things that go bump in the night, there is one show you are probably not watching, and it is so goodbad that I had to write a post to tell you about it. It’s called The Dead Files, and it airs on Travel Channel. Continue reading

Five Films to Watch With(out) Mom this Mother’s Day Weekend

I was writing out my Mother’s Day card, and suddenly I was thinking back to Mother’s Day 2004. That year, I took mom to see Kill Bill: Vol. 2 at the movie theater. She loved it (she had already seen and enjoyed Vol. 1). My mother’s taste in movies is probably not typical for a lady her age–she has adventurous taste. Although it might seem like an odd choice for the holiday (murder, revenge, kungfu), one of Kill Bill‘s major themes (especially in Vol. 2 is motherhood.

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QOTD: What Was Your First Concert or Record?

drawI remember asking for “a Beatles album” for Christmas. My parents obliged with Abbey Road. That could have been worse.

The first records I remember buying for myself were Never Mind the Bollocks, Blow Your Face Out and The Flying Lizards, the last of which I had to special order from the “punk/new wave” record store in town. I still have the vinyl, with “PROMOTIONAL COPY: NOT FOR RESALE” embossed on the jacket.  Continue reading