Do Ask, Do Tell: RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 5, Episode 10

When the queens enter the workroom, Coco is predictably thrilled that Alyssa is gone. So can she get her shet together and compete without a chip on her shoulder? Doubtful. Boxxxy Mandrews acknowledges that Jinkx is the first queen to win two challenges, and Alaska tells us she thinks Jinkx is her biggest competition. Now that we’re down to the final five, there is little room for error. Anyone can go at any time. Hit the jump for a look at my updated Drag Race Index!

As you know, I am not a fan of this perennial challenge in which the queens have to dragulate some guys who have never done drag before, and last night’s episode did nothing to change how I feel. So I apologize if things are a bit light here this week, but we’ll be back in action next week when the final four claw and bite their way to the top.

Anywhore, you saw what happened last night. The queens did an exercise mini challenge that skinny mini Alaska easily won. The gworls were then tasked with putting five veterans into drag. Jinkx was dealt the obligatory senior citizen, who may or may not have killed Judy Garland. Detox got the tastiest little man nugget in the group. Roxxxy whined about being dealt the stacked butch dude, but rilly he was the best match for her. Alaska thought she did herself a favor by keeping the tall pretty boy for herself, but he had a gait like a longshoreman so he required a bit of finessing.

In the end, Jinkx and Roxxxy were the top two. The judges gave it to Roxxxy, but I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I tell you that I thought Jinkx should have won. Coco and Detox lip synced for their lives (OMG I was so excited that they finally cleared a Seduction song for the show!). Coco did fine, but let’s be honest: this was her fourth time in the bottom two — Detox could have just sat there and painted her nails, and Ru would have sent Coco packing. Rightfully so.


Click to enlarge! As you see, nothing has changed on the Index since last week (which is part of the reason I’m not going to break it down one fish at a time). Coco was at the bottom of the Index last week, and now she’s eliminated. Jinkx is still my pick for America’s Next Drag Superstar. Alaska’s bizarro awful hip cutouts were a big misstep, but I still think she is top three material. Boxxxy Mandrews had another good week so I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Detox could go home, and Boxxxy could compete in the top three. Did you catch the preview for next week? The editing makes it look like Jinkx has a rough time, but I’m going to assume that this is fakeout editing, and Jinkxyboo will be just fine. What are your thoughts, children? Sound off!

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