Blind Items

Blinded by the light.

1) “This C list actor from a steady television series, was recently photographed with his kids. When his picture was being taken, he allegedly started using some really offensive racial slurs towards the photographers, to which his young son strongly rebuked him and made him apologize.” [Buzz Foto]

2) “This A list star admitted to a source recently that as a child he was severely physically ab*sed by his overbearing father. Because of that, he went into acting and was determined to make a lot of money and be successful, so that he would never have to depend on his father again.” [Buzz Foto]

3) “The power couple were in the Family Court yesterday warring about how to divide their assets, including their five-bedroom Sydney home worth $3.2 million and her extensive jewellery collection.

On day three of the case, the court heard it wasn’t just the husband who was a big earner during their six-year relationship – although he was currently unemployed.

The court was told the wife, who cannot be named, had secured a 60 per cent pay rise in November when she moved to a rival company. She was now earning $800,000 a year, with scope for more through endorsements. The wife was in such demand the chairman of her former employer had emailed her in a last-ditch attempt to get her to stay.” Read the rest at The Daily Telegraph.

4) “This national television talk show host always appears extremely nice in front of the cameras but turns into a real alcoholic monster when the cameras are off.  The host never learns anyones name unless they are in the inner circle of the show and has even fired a hairstylist because they were HIV+. The host also have numerous plastic surgery scars even though they act like they aren’t vain at all. The host also starts drinking heavily after the show wraps for the day and sometimes takes a few sips during taping. The only plus side is that the host’s significant other is relieved when they pass out early because the bad attitude extends to the home-front as well.” Read the original post at CDAN.

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