Insurrection Open Thread

Good evening my friends. Welcome to the the evening open thread. Here are a few stories to get the discussion started.

Holy shit! Everyone in North Africa and the Middle East has apparently had enough of autocrats and dictators. There have been protests and/or riots today in Iran, Bahrain, Yemen, Libya, Egypt, and Iraq. There will be more coverage here on the situation later tonight. Here is a great page set up by The Guardian that has minute to minute updates, and here is a CNN overview of the region.

A lawsuit has been filed in federal court against the Defense Department for tolerating a culture that fosters sexual harassment and assault. The military claims that these issues are wider social problems and that they have made efforts to reform.

NPR analyzes why Americans have such a hard time reducing the federal budget deficit. Turns out we all like government spending, but hate paying taxes.

Have a wonderful evening.

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