Friday Morning Open Thread

Good morning lovlies. Hope that you had the sweetest of dreams and are ready to face the day. I am traveling this weekend, so I will give you three stories from the magazines I only have time to read when I am sitting on an airplane.

The Atlantic takes a look at video games inspired by great literature. Apparently, the Great Gatsby is pretty good, but Dante’s Inferno was kind of disappointing.

Scott Horton at Harper’s investigates the case of a US consular officer being held for shooting 2 men in Pakistan. Raymond Davis was traveling on a diplomatic passport in the country, but his Special Forces background suggests he was doing intelligence work.

Damn I love The Economist. Here is their fantastic analysis about the past few weeks of protests and change in the Middle East and North Africa. The article is excellent and the other people on the plane will think you are smart because you have a copy of The Economist.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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