An Urgent Message from the Ministry of Propaganda

Greetings Crasstalk Comrades! We are now into out third full week of our glorious battle to win the Internet. Your courage and loyalty warms the heart of The Beloved Leader and the generals on the front. Yet, the war is far from over, and we must ask you for your assistance. Please help the effort by taking the following actions:

  • Share Crasstalk with your friends. Spread the word of the  paradise that we are building.
  • Put us on you Facey Book Thing. You can join our group, and like our fan page. More importantly, share the stories you like here with your FaceBook friends by clicking on the link on the story page.
  • Join our Twitter. Just click on the little button next to this story. Retweet us to your friends and followers. The world must know of our struggle.
  • Mention us on your blog. If you are writing for Crasstalk, link to your work on your own blog and vice-versa.

Please help us spread the word. If we wish to vanquish the counter-revolutionary enemies of snark, we must all work together to spread the word to the masses. Please take a few minutes to advance the Crasstalk cause.

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