This is Radio Crass

So I have looked into the logistical issues and I think we are good to go for a CrassTalk podcast. For those of you who missed the original post in Cross Talk, I am going to try and put together a podcast with some of the other CrassTalk authors. Anyone who wants to join in is most welcome and encouraged. If you want to participate please let me know by replying here even if you responded to the other post so we have a central list. To participate you just need to download Skype and have a headphone and microphone combination (SiS, you need this). I have all the equipment to do the mixing and editing, and a friend has kindly agreed to allow us use his really great music. All we need to do is have a Skype conference call and I can just record it through my laptop.

So, what do we want to talk about? We should probably pick a few topics ahead of time so we all know what to expect and can prepare. Post your ideas here and we can decide what might be fun. If it works out I can do these on a semi-regular basis and we will have our own little radio station because if we want to win the internet we will need a strong propaganda unit. Cool.

Here is some inspiration:

Winning the Internet


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