Sleepies with Sophia

I understand that there are some animals that actually like to be outside in the elements.  Cats are so much smarter than that.  I am Sophia, a connoisseur of comfort.

Today I had Maggie wake up Mummy by purring in her face while I relaxed on the big chair.  Maggie thinks she’s the boss of this house, but she isn’t.  I allow her to do the dirty work because it makes her feel useful.  After gushy noms and crunchies were passed out under my strict supervision (seriously, I love my Mummy, but she is forgetful about the crunchies sometimes and I have to remind her) I settled down on the cozy blankets on the sofa.  I slept there for a while and then got up for some leftover gushies. Then I settled into the big side chair for a long afternoon nap.  Mummy keeps a lot of cozy blankets around to snuggle in.  She’s a useful creature, this human.  In some regards.

Why on Earth would any animal in their right mind want to leave the couch?

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