Apple Hates Your Freedom

Tomorrow Apple is going to announce some BS about iTunes, probably streaming and probably the Beatles catalog.  No matter what they say just remember that Apple doesn’t care about music they care about money.

Streaming audio services have a history of living for a short time and then leaving their users in the lurch.  Apple is a big company but they can choose to exit the business at any time if it’s not making money.

The moral of the story is to own your music and have it free of digital rights management.  Rip it from a CD you own, buy it from Amazon MP3 store or even from Apple’s DRM-free tracks on iTunes.  The catch being that the Beatles probably won’t be available DRM-free.  I’m not saying to do anything illegal, just don’t get caught in the DRM trap.  Buy music, pay artists, but be free to listen to your music how you want, on the device you want at the time you want.

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