One of the very first bars I got drunk at in Chicago is called Twisted Spoke – the one on Clark Street, not the one on Ogden in the West Loop. My friend Christine and I got drunk on $2.75 pints of Woodchuck Cider.

Since then, the owners of Twisted Spoke sold the Clark Street location, leaving only the location in Chicago’s West Loop. In the past couple years, this has become the site of what my friends call “Brunching Hard,” which means we sit at the bar with some fancy drinks, get drunk, and maybe eat some food.

Whenever I go to Twisted Spoke, I have a set order of drinks I like to drink. I start with a Bloody Mary to smooth out the hangover, then move on to the Breakfast of Champions, then a coffee drink, then eventually back to beer. The Breakfast of Champions is the probably the easiest and most crowd pleasing drink. I mean, look at it, there is Cap’n Crunch up there! Anywho, here’s how you make it:

  • 4 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • 2 oz Whiskey
  • Whipped Cream (to top)
  • Cap’n Crunch (to top)

Put some ice in a highball glass. Pour the first two ingredients in the glass and stir. Then top with the whipped cream and Cap’n Crunch. In that order unless you want soggy cereal. Enjoy!

breakfast of champions