TwerkingOur very own alluson asked:

What’s the difference between twerking and dropping it like its hot?
Or dippin’ it low and backing it up slow?
Or shawty getting low low low when she’s wearing her boots with the fur?

As an expert on such subjects Ofkinheimer has produced the definitive guide on all such matters.

1. “Twerking” is just one continuous motion that primarily employs the lower back, pelvic and gluteal muscles. Dancers bend to their knees slightly, anchor their hands on knees and use to the lower back to ignite repetitive continuous movement around the midsection. The ideal position is similar to trying to take a shit in a public toilet and not wanting your ass to touch the nasty ass toilet. Envision this. See?! Once in this position, wave your ass around. The more fat you have around that general area, the more pronounced the jiggling is.

2. “Droppin It Like It’s Hot” is more of a full body movement that intervals between a bounce movement into a low knee drop to emphasize the strength and shape of one’s gluteal muscles. On the drop, the legs are spread to rock the ass as close to the floor as possible. Bounce bounce drop, bounce bounce drop. The freakier dancers will drop their booties all the way down to the ground and slowly, rhythmically and sensually wave their body up. Like a snake or a stripper. When in the “bounce” stage, use your neck to rock your head and show how much you are into the music. Your hands can also used if you are pointing to invincible people around.

3. “Dippin It Low” is very similar to “Dropping It Like It’s Hot” except that you spend much more time on the ground. This move though requires some Indian dance like hand movements though. And black paint.

Indian Hand Movements (Mudras) Guide

mudras_chartBlack Paint Pouring Guide

4. “Backin It Up Slow” is when the dancer bends down with the top body half very low and legs straight, looks over the shoulder and slowly backs the ass over to the guy’s crotch, moving it in circular motions until the woodie is discovered. The dancer then moves into the second stage which is to grind the woodie hard. This is best done with a wall behind the guy. You also must be comfortable with a guy rubbing your back and possible grabbing your ass out of urgency. You should also be careful though because this has been know to cause premature ejaculation.

Somebody wrote a song about it.

5. “Shawty Getting Low Low Low” is more of a spectator dance where dancers squat to their knees and do bouncy motions without really coming back up to full height. Here you use your spine and back for thrusting purposes to highlight the general ass areas. It is a very heavy hip thrusting dance movement and requires sturdy knees and good feet arches.

Mudras chart via Mirahorian Dan / Flickr. Twerking hottie via David Ingram / Flickr

A special thanks to Clarity83 for making this into a post while Ofkie was at a bar.