This week, let’s just hit the highlights.


  • Was the Titan’s Bastard supposed to be hot, because damn.
  • Second son Tyrion and Sansa. They are wed in fact now, but will not consummate. If Sansa were a few years older, would this marriage have started the same way? Tyrion was as good as you can expect him to be, but he still could have done better.
  • Cersei has had enough of this shit. And she has the scary fucking father to back it up.
  • Olenna’s family tree recital was fucking hilarious
  • Joffrey: dependably horrible.
  • Samwell Tarly finds his courage. His father might not have made him second son if he could see him now
  • Dario and Dany. He’s already seen her naked, and the sellsword has promised her his heart. With the Second Sons, the Yunkish masters should be shitting their pants.

    I will leave the rest to you guys. Regular recaps will return next episode.

    Screen capture taken by the author.