It was a cold wintery day. A man was wandering down the side of Interstate 80 near Kingvale in Northern California. Now this was not an ordinary man. He was a man on a mission. He was looking for a wedding ring that was lost from his beloved. No confirmation on whether or not she was eaten, as this was suspiciously close to Donner Pass in the snow.

Fortunately, in his darkest hour, our hero ran into a man named Douglas Benedetti. Unfortunately, the road was very snowy. Fortunately, Benedetti was willing to help a man in crisis. Unfortunately, the ring did not want to be found on the day these two met. Fortunately, Douglas Benedetti has a job helping people install chains onto their vehicles on the highway. Unfortunately, this was exactly how our hero lost the ring. Fortunately, because of this job Benedetti was back in the area very recently. Unfortunately, there was little business to be had. Fortunately, Benedetti was able to search for the ring again. Unfortunately, there was a large, menacing semi-truck parked nearby. Fortunately, Benedetti went to see if they needed help and found the ring! Fortunately, Benedetti wanted to return the ring to our hero!

Unfortunately, Douglas Benedetti did not know the name, address or any personal information of our hero. Fortunately, there was an inscription of “Lisa, 5th June, 2010.” Unfortunately, this inscription means nothing to Douglas Benedetti.

Fortunately, it may mean something to you or your friends so that Douglas Benedetti, nicest roadside serviceman ever, can get the ring back to its rightful owner.

Seriously, this is her PrecioussssssOne ring to find them

Source – AP