Here are Tuesday’s titillating typhlotic tidbits.

1) “What rapper who has a real name just as unusual as his stage name might want to tell his celebrity girlfriend before they get married that he has been seeing that other person they had the threesome with on the side. Maybe the celebrity girlfriend knows about it, but with the way they have been trying to sneak around, I’m guessing she is in the dark.” [CDAN]

2) “This star has a character made of them at a theme park. We heard that when the character was made, the star insisted the character have a tattoo placed on a delicate part of the mannequin.” [Buzz Foto]

3) “This very talented actor has been nominated for one major award and won another major award. He has been debating about coming out of the closet for a long time now. That time has finally arrived. We hope he doesn’t pay a price for his honesty.

The timing will coincide with his starring in a new project this fall. We expect that his coming out might upset some in a certain religious community. No, our actor isn’t really a holy roller. He just knows how to pretend to be one. Come to think of it, so does his boyfriend. And his new costar.” [Blind Gossip]

4) “This former tween idol was overheard complaining about her now ex boyfriend being bad in bed. Despite her efforts of seducing him, he never really wanted to have sex. Odd being that most people would call him lucky to have this beauty in his bed. Maybe that is why he only lasted a minute or two when he did put out.” [Hollywood Dame]

5) “What former almost A list tweener and now a C+ movie actress said that unlike her former A list tweener boyfriend and now B list movie actor, her new boyfriend lasts longer than 30 seconds and wants sex more than once a month.” [CDAN]