Show me where on the doll Gawker touched you

Some days Crasstalk likes to dress up

Crasstalk was launched in November 2010 by a group of chronic oversharers and other servicey folks who frequent Gawker, especially its #crosstalk forum.

Commenting on Crasstalk

You don’t need special approval to join Crasstalk as a commenter. Simply find a post you want to comment on and then create an IntenseDebate account and start commenting. (Quick note: IntenseDebate accounts are completely different from author accounts.)

Go here for how to post comments on Crasstalk.

Writing Posts for Crasstalk

If you’d like to take you involvement to the next level and contribute to the site by writing posts, you’ll need an author account. To get an author account, send an email to crasstalk-at- Be sure to include your email address and desired user name.

If we don’t already know you, don’t expect to receive an author account right away. Hang out with us for a while and post some comments. If you do receive an author account but don’t write any posts, we may delete your account. (You’ll still be able to comment on the site, just not write posts).

Crasstalk uses the WordPress content management system. If you’ve been approved as an author but don’t know how to use WordPress, go watch this tutorial.

Need to Contact Us?

Email: [email protected]

Who Are We?

Crasstalk and Crassparenting are owned and operated by Open Thread Media, LLC.

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