Podcasts That Will Make You Snort with Laughter in Public

I know a lot of people listen to smartypants podcasts, but I prefer to listen ton ones that make me laugh embarrassingly loudly in public. Or ones that make me shout trivia answers like I was watching Jeopardy! at home. I have a problem with self-control.

Here are my podcast recommendations, I think they are all at least an 8: – Read More –


Mad Men Post-Mortem: “Person to Person”

Coming at you with a special tag team post co-authored by your very own Piece and Blerg for the series finale.


Blerg & Biz Blove Blog: The Friend Zone

Welcome to the latest installment of the Blerg and Biz Blove Blog. If you think we talked about the friend zone last week, get ready for it to be the sole topic in this week’s post.

Biz: Time to talk about the Friend Zone.

  1. The Friend Zone is real.
  2. The Friend Zone is awful.

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