Cecil’s Revenge: Lion Hunter Faces Public Wrath

[Updated] Walter J. Palmer, a Bloomington dentist, has been identified as the man responsible for killing Cecil, beloved lion, resident of Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, Oxford study subject, and the most recent focus in ongoing furor against trophy hunters. – Read More –


Wednesday Open Thread

Sweep, Sweep out the nonsense. That crazy happy nonsense. This world’s too old for nonsense. Sweep, just sweep it all away. – Read More –


QOTD: Taco vs. Hamburger

Eater.com has asked this question in conjunction with stating America’s seemingly new found appreciation of the taco. They posit that at some point in the near future the taco will eclipse the burger as America’s favorite food (Pizza, you don’t count, apparently.) – Read More –

The Biz and Blerg Blove Blog – BLIVE!

Blerg made it to Chicago this past weekend and stopped by to do a live version of the Biz and Blerg Blove Blog. We recorded this momentous occasion, so here it is! – Read More –

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