Recipe Sunday: Weeknight Heirloom Tomato Tart

This time of year (at least where I live), having puff pastry in the freezer is like having half of a meal made before even starting to cook.

Just throw something pretty on puff pastry, add some cheese, and (wowza!) dinner’s on the coffee table in 30 minutes.

And because I hang out at the farmers market with my husband selling his wares, that means I get to know the vendors. They’re nice and generous. Sometimes they slip me extra tomatoes because they know that I’m a tomato geek. - Read More -


Bitches Who Rock Weekend Open Thread

Happy weekend, here’s your playlist. - Read More -

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A Liberal’s “Adventure in Odyssey” Part 1

Adventures in Odyssey” is a production of Focus on the Family, with all the Real True Christian implications that that carries. Though from my standpoint, it’s pretty engaging and well done, except that it often brings you right back to its main point about how you are a sinner and need to accept Jesus. So, before we begin talking about the show itself, let’s start with a basic introduction to the people of Odyssey.

When I sat down to write this, I forgot how much there is to this radio show. That’s understandable, since this show has been airing for about 30 years, but that also means that one post isn’t going to be enough. - Read More -

Net Neutrality Open Thread

loadingAll right, time to fight for our internets (again). Big cable has plotted the destruction of our online universe. It is time to fight. - Read More -

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