Mural outside of Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, DC, where Bill Cosby is still able to eat for free.
Mural outside of Ben's Chili Bowl in Washington, DC, where Bill Cosby is still able to eat for free.

What to Feel About Bill Cosby Now? Anger.

As the numbers of rape victims at the hands of Bill Cosby increase, the nation sits stunned as the revelations mount and our collective consciousness tries to wrap its mind around what to do with this 77 year-old predator, and for many of us, life-long entertainer and educator. - Read More -

Texts from Your Favourite Authors

Totally stealing this idea from, well, all over the internet. (Prompted by an exchange with EthologyNerd.)

Texts From Dog was hilarious. How about you think up your favourite author(s) and make up some text interchanges with them? Maybe also texts with a favourite movie character.

I’ll start. Texts from Margaret Atwood. - Read More -

QOTD: What’s Your Favourite Font?

BookmanSpecDifferent fonts for different applications, of course. But my favourite sort of signature font, the one my emails go out in, is Bookman Old Style. It’s very elegant, plus, duh, bookman.

When I had my bookstore I had a lot of fun making signs for this and that. A favourite theme, not that original, I know, was to repeat the same line (SALE ON KIDBOOKS, for example) several times, one below the other, each time in a different font. For a sign for an actual sale of children’s books each line would probably be in a different primary colour. Hell on ink cartridges, but eye-catching, which is the main intent. - Read More -


Lena Dunham and the Division of Feminism

If you’ve heard about the backlash targeted at Lena Dunham recently, than you may have read a myriad of reactions to one singular passage Dunham describes in her memoir, Not That Kind of Girl . Dunham recounts an episode as a seven-year old where she touched her sister’s genitals and allegedly found pebbles therein — supposedly put there by the younger sibling as a prank. The description is graphic, visceral, and perhaps asks more questions than it answers about Dunham’s childhood, despite her claim that this was among the things she would do. - Read More -

QOTD: How Has Your Life Changed in the Past Four Years?

Here we all are, four years on. Seven or more, for those who started with Gawker or Jezebel. - Read More -

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