Food Review: King Cake Burger

king cake burger

I discovered the Food Drunk food truck during one of the food truck rallies in New Orleans a couple years ago. Their menu features all the food you want when you’re about to head home from a night at the bar: duck fat fries, a bacon burger, mac and cheese and a few other favorites. During Mardi Gras they feature something that sounds too good to be true: the king cake burger. - Read More -

Juno and the Paycock

Crassterpiece Theatre: Juno and the Paycock

While we’re all stuck inside due to a Juno that fizzled, let’s check out one that doesn’t. A classic adaptation of the Sean O’Casey play by the same name, Juno and the Paycock is a wonderful example of early Hitchcock being only his second talking film. Hang in there, you’ll get used to the brogues. - Read More -

What Was Your Favorite (or Least Favorite) Song of 2006?

I was looking back at the posts I’ve written for CT while applying for a Media Pass to this year’s Hangout Fest and realized that a) I haven’t written anything since August and b) I haven’t done one of these posts since May. - Read More -

The 2016 Election is Coming!

Sure, the corpses of the fallen in the 2014 election are scarce cold in their political graves, but hey, the Iowa caucuses are a mere 53 weeks away. 2016 is coming! On the Democratic side, it’s still not clear which obscure weirdo Hillary Clinton will blow her prohibitive lead to, but the Republican side is shaping up to be quite the busy clown orgy. Let’s gaze in dismay at this gabbling horror of potential GOP 2016 candidates! - Read More -

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