QOTD: How Do You Celebrate Halloween?


It’s the funnest night of the season, when you can dress up like a sexy children’s cartoon, drink desert cocktails named and dyed to look like viscera, and candy sales are bountiful, so you can eat mini Kit Kats till you feel like puking. - Read More -

Sandwich Crasstalk

Recipe Sunday: A Swing and a Miss with Pretzel Rolls but They Still Made an Amazing Blackened Chicken Sandwich

I don’t mind posting about things that fail. Especially when it can help someone else out. So, for the love of Pete people, keep your knives sharp! Take it from me.

Back story: This week my husband and I ran away to Maine for a couple of days. - Read More -

QOTW: What Is Your Goal for the Next Decade?

openroadIn less than two weeks, I will be turning 40. As the date approaches, I have been looking back at my accomplishments and looking forward as well. What do I want to do? - Read More -

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