Mad Men Open Thread: Season 7, Episode 2

Mad_Men_Season_7The only time I look forward to Sunday night is when Mad Men is on TV. I’m glad the Spurs played early today, so I can watch tonight’s episode with you. Last week we got to play major catch up with Peggy, Don, Joan and Roger. Of course we saw Pete and Kenny and Megan and a few others, too. But you know, no Betty or Sally just yet.



Recipe Sunday: Chicken and Veggie Skillet

I hate cleaning up after cooking. HATE IT. That is why, when I find a recipe that only gets one skillet dirty, I become a huge fan. The original recipe (which I found in the amah-zing Better Homes and Gardens Chicken Dinners magazine) calls for yellow squash, and does not include any onion and garlic, which I believe are a must for 90% of the dishes in my house. I also bought these great shiitake mushrooms at the grocery store and they complemented the other veggies nicely. - Read More -

what the fuck are you looking at ca

Book Pub: Uhhh…April Edition

Met any interesting characters lately? - Read More -

Coming Attractions: Gone Girl

Ben Affleck’s chin isn’t lying about murdering his wife.

The bestseller turned motion picture is one of the most highly anticipated films of the fall season. That may be because Gone Girl, the book, was the kind of smartly written thriller that gave us complex characters with personalities that were equal parts deplorable and beguiling. There were no saints here. Everyone showcased their fair share of human stain and it was riveting. What it all boiled down to was a matter of figuring out which person was capable of the more heinous acts, and which was merely a victim of circumstance. And what, in the case of Gone Girl, that really meant.
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Great Small Towns – Darby, Montana

Darby is a beautiful western town located in southwestern Montana on the Continental Divide near the Montana/Idaho border. Founded in 1888, Darby began as a mining and trapping town, but current industries are logging, agriculture, and cattle ranching. With a population around 720, Darby is the antithesis of bustle. - Read More -

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