Midnight Movie Reviews’ Summer 2015 Preview

It’s been a long, cold winter, but Midnight Movie Reviews is back with an all new installment for summer 2015!

Read on to see which blockbusters are getting your hard earned dollars this summer. – Read More –

Mad Men Post-Mortem: The Forecast


Welcome to this week’s Mad Men post-mortem. As always, SPOILERS AHEAD.

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Midweek Open Thread

Good day and welcome to Crasstalk. Try to be good to Mother Earth today, hippies. – Read More –


Game of Thrones: S5, Ep. 2, “The House of Black and White”

Beware the snakes. – Read More –

Honeymoon feet

QOTD: Yay or Nay to Honeymoon Funds?

In recent years, couples getting married have moved from the traditional household items registry to honeymoon registries. Honeymoon registries, offered by websites such as Honeyfund, Honeymoon Wishes and Wanderable, allow couples to set up a registry where the gift is a honeymoon related activity. For example, if Bob and Joe make a registry for a honeymoon in St. Lucia, they can register for activities (e.g. boat rides, couples massage), food and beverages (e.g. hotel champagne) or even travel-related items (e.g. camera, luggage). – Read More –

Mad Men Open Thread: Season 7, Episode 10

Episode 10 already?! I don’t want to think about how there are only four more after this one. As I write this, I realize I have not given last week’s episode a second watch. I think I might do that before the NBA games start this afternoon. – Read More –

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