Topics include how a young British woman’s death in her apartment went unnoticed for almost 3 years, why French auteurs have yet to produce anything as successful as Harry Potter (Babar takes offence to that!), and lying liars and the lies they tell on the internet.

How could this young woman lie dead and undiscovered for almost three years? By Carol Morley for The Guardian.

Joyce Vincent died in her apartment in 2003 and went unnoticed and undiscovered for almost three years.

Why there’s no French Harry Potter by Malika Browne for Intelligent Life

“At their worst, French children’s stories are moralistic and heavy-handed, and even at their best, they are often old-fashioned.” Like that’s a bad thing? #J’aimelire4Life

The Lying Disease by Cienna Madrid for The Stranger

Madrid attempts to answer what would motivate someone into faking a debilitating illness like cancer or AIDS on the internet? Apparently, it’s a combination of the Munchausen syndrome and how anonymity on the internet mutes our capacity to sense lies.

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