shoppingThese are the stores that are confirmed to be open on Thanksgiving day 2013. Don’t reward this behavior, avoid these stores.

As more stores announce this post will be updated.

So, check back often.



  • Kmart – Opening at 6 AM
  • Sears – Opening at 8 PM (Sears and Kmart are owned by the same parent company)
  • Macy’s – Opening at 8 PM
  • JCPenny – Opening at 8 PM
  • Kohl’s – Opening at 8 PM
  • All malls owned by Simon Property Group – Opening at 6 PM though some stores will open later
  • Staples – Opening at 9 PM
  • Best Buy – Opening at 6 PM
  • Target – Opening at 8 PM
  • Toys R Us – Opening at 5 PM
  • Walmart – Opening at 6 PM
  • Sports Authority – Opening at 6 PM

Many of the above will remain open straight through the night and until late on Black Friday.

Other stores are also expected to open at 8 PM as they did last year, but have not yet announced plans for this year.

Shopping by 21limited, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License  by  21limited