D84v2z5Hello Dearies. It has indeed been a crazy time for Glinda since she decided to bring back the Comment of the Week, or as we affectionately call it around here: COW. I have gotten quite a few nominations this month, and here are some of the ones I thought were the best.

Crasstalk Milestone:

Congrats, Cletar! It couldn't have come from a better commenter.

Congrats, Cletar! It couldn’t have come from a better commenter.

Bots on Dating:

interrracial dating

Dear Diary:

dear diary

On saving money:

Valentine's DayAnd the COW this time around (and possibly the best Crasstalk comment evar):

Congrats, Ross!

Congrats, Ross!

Keep the nominations coming, folks. I promise to get better at this. Email me your comments at [email protected].

h/t to GenderFenderBender for the Cow picture (source Imgur).