Oh, remember a couple months ago when reigning Worst Person in the World, Bill O’Reilly, said an outrageous thing about DNC speaker, Sandra Fluke? And he made us all bubble up with loathing and face-igniting rage? Well, his mate in abominable-person hell has spoken up and challenged him for the position of soul-sucking, earth-destroying bringer of cosmic doom from the sheer amount of detestable, turgid shit-spew they’ve launched into the world. Why, hello, Ann Coulter. Have a seat.

Last night during the final presidential debate Coulter tweeted the following:

This is from someone who’s considered an influential voice in conservatism, who unfortunately has followers, readers, and we assume impressionable people who hang on her every word as some sort of ridiculous gospel — much like the O’Reillys, Limbaughs, Palins, Trumps, and Becks that exist in the fringe world of Tea Party nonsense, birther gobbledygook, and asinine commentary that frequently mixes all of the above into one stew of low-information insanity. But more to the point, the act of calling a sitting president of the United States a “retard” like some petulant child who was told they can’t have another cookie before dinner, smacks of someone who’s unable to formulate a better, more nuanced opinion with data to back up their opposing position, and that they’re a wholly ridiculous person; disrespectful and not worthy of a platform. Even Michelle Malkin, another controversial conservative shouting head, found Coulter’s comment to be “shallow” and stupid.”

It’s also the laziest “pick any derogatory name you can find and lob it at someone” way of getting attention. Should we even mention the fact that if the POTUS is somehow mentally disabled in Coulter’s scenario and he still managed to handily beat Mitt Romney what that says about Romney’s intelligence? See? This is what happens when you throw out an insult that doesn’t make any sense and was just meant to be vile — you’ve just confirmed your idiocy for everyone to see.

But let’s just take a slightly longer view of Ann Coulter. Maybe the emotions of the evening got the better of her and she let a lowball fly in the heat of some sort of GOP debate loss meltdown.

Nope! We can now determine what Ann’s favorite word is! As you can see up above, last year she used it in reference to Cenk Uygur, at the time a MSNBC host. So what we can determine is that Ann Coulter is a large angry child with nothing of use or value to impart in any political debate or arena — or anywhere else really that isn’t a GOP restroom full of likeminded jerks. Let’s make her a soapbox out of urinal cakes. Yes? Sure. She’s the epitome of having to tell a misbehaving youngster to “use their words.” But above all else, she’s a shameless media leech, a barnacle on the ass of the Republican Party, and just another loud mouth looking to sell a book of bullshit.