Oh, ho. That was fast. Well, we knew it was coming. You don’t have the kind of smackdown that happened last night and don’t capitalize on it. In this brand spanking new ad, the Obama campaign pretty much sums up what many of us saw last night from Paul Ryan — a lot of zeal — but not a lot of answers.

So much so, even the moderator, the awesome Martha Raddatz saw it and pushed Ryan for specifics to the chagrin of many a Republican pundit who basically felt Raddatz was a bit too “mouthy” and preferred Jim Lehrer’s acute inertia last week. Not to mention their complaints about Biden’s “aggressive” demeanor while he mocked poor widdle Paul Ryan with no comment on how their guy last week had a field day talking over the whole room and lied repeatedly. Hey, Ryan! Don’t want to be mocked? Don’t make a point about how bad the stimulus program was especially when you asked Biden for some dough for your state out of the stimulus kitty!

Even without Biden’s spectacular hypocrisy-outing of Ryan on the stimulus topic, this is still a very effective ad. One that tells most of last night’s story, and the part about abortion is just priceless. In that moment it’s hard to tell if Ryan was considering how to hide his real feelings on the issue, if he couldn’t remember the talking points because he doesn’t believe them, or if sitting across from a woman with real live ladyparts! made him uncomfortable when he and she both know that he stands for telling women what to do with their bodies. Um, awkward! Well, it wouldn’t be, Paul, if you weren’t trying to insert yourself into every woman’s womb.

Nonetheless, we get a pretty good picture of what Mr. Ryan was selling.

Take it away, Joe!