Watch the above video and tell me with a straight face that Dina Lohan is sober. No, you can’t.

Granted, I haven’t seen Dina Lohan in action in quite a few years, but really there’s been nothing to interview her for – besides the obligatory “Hey! Your daughter is in jail again! What do you have to say!” interview. This interview is for the most part, pretty random, given that Lindsay hasn’t done much besides Liz & Dick and the porno flick The Canyons with James Deen (yum), but neither are due to come out for quite a while. So essentially, this is famewhoring for famewhoring’s sake, which then makes sense when you realize the jackass interviewing her. Extra bonus fame-whoring bonus points for the appearance of Michael Lohan, who is expecting a baby with fellow train wreck Kate Major sometime soon.

But seriously, Dina Lohan is totally drunk, right? I’m tempted to watch this on Monday, just to confirm my suspicions.