One of the comments I read the other day (yesterday?) got me thinking about this (Thanks, Delta!). I’d say that I’m left-handed but not exclusively and maybe not for most of the day. I write, eat, draw, and if I played guitar, I would be rockin’ out with the lefties. However, I use scissors, play tennis, and use a computer mouse right-handed. That last one was the first conscious decision I had ever made about which hand to go with.

According to the Daily Infographic, 15% of people are left-handed. They tend to be smarter but more alcoholic. According to my research of myself, I think that holds true. We’re also mysterious. Just doing a preliminary search on Google for “right handed facts” produces tons of explanations and facts about our “myth” but not much for right-handers. However, I will say that the biggest advantage the right-handed ones among us have is that the world is geared towards you. I was reminded of this as I went to pour water into the coffee machine and had to switch hands to do it in order to avoid a flood on my work counter.

So where do you fall on this continuum?

Image: Flickr