I put my hand upon your hip. When I dip. You dip. We dip.

1) “Is there a crack in these friendships? First, this Diva has got to put up with the publicity hungry girlfriend of her hubby’s collaborator in her inner circle. Now, the Diva’s Actress friend is getting a little loose with her language and is catching pushback because of it. Will the Diva be able to sit this out, or will she have to speak on it? ” [Downfront2]

2) “This going-to-be an A Lister and his fiancé have quietly split just in time for him to make his blockbuster break. He and his PR team want to pretend the engagement never happened while she is doing everything she can to make the marriage happen for all the wrong reasons.” [Hollywood Dame]

3) “According to current rumours, the spring in Katherine Jenkins’ step isn’t just from her appearance in Dancing With The Stars and more to do with a secret fling with which LA-based superstar?” [PopBitch via Blind Gossip]

4) “It’s not very often that an Academy Award nominee can have such a secret life, but this actress has managed it. It is something she got from the rest of her family. Secrets were easy to keep on the family and no one talked to outsiders. No one except for a few people even know who the real father of our actress is. There are huge gaps missing in her life story and some of them are answered here. When our actress graduated from high school she had big dreams but ended up in a situation which saw her getting married to a high school sweetheart. Her life got put on a hold awhile before she could start her acting career full-time. She eventually did so and just when she thought everything was going great after her college graduation, she again had a setback. This time it was another relationship which she has never discussed. She never discusses any of her relationships. As far as anyone is concerned she has never even had a relationship.

For a long time she had a relationship with a person she had met at school. This so dominated her life that for almost two years she was unable to really focus on acting. It was not until the relationship ended after two years that she got her big break. Because of the way relationships have messed up her career and her plans, she tries to avoid any kind of situation which could lead to a date or a relationship. She stays alone and has few friends. She refuses to let anyone really know her. She has friends only for the sake of saying she has friends, but they don’t know anything about her either. If you ask her a question about any part of her life you will not get an answer, but instead, some kind of vague circling that sounds like an answer.” [CDAN]